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Tell Popeyes Survey: Your Feedback is Appreciated!

Almost everyone now knows Popeyes and what they are popular for; since they have been in business for almost 40 years. Through these 40 years, they have been able to develop a loyal customer base with the help of their menu and service. It is nowhere else that you will find the world’s best chicken and that too at such an affordable price. 

The reason Popeyes has been able to do so well and stay put for years is that the brand cares about customers and food delivered to them. To delve deeper into how the dining experience has been so far, they have come up with the Tell Popeyes survey. The whole idea behind it is to learn about what their customers think and get better at things they might lack. 

Why is Popeyes Survey important?

No one produces chicken as Popeyes does. People are always in line all set to try the new food on the menu or even just get their basic orders every time. The wide variety of food items they carry in their menu has been helpful in building the reputation they have today, which is that they serve the best tasting chicken food. 

The fan base that Popeyes has had over the years has always been consistent despite many things that might come in the way. The simple reason for that is the way they care for their customers and what they want. You are always welcome to share feedback and complaints about the food, or anything else say staff behaviour. 

With Tellpopeyes survey, Popeyes would know what they need to improve in its products and services. Of course, this is the reason why they are in the top restaurants list. And so this survey is important for the company. For you, you can grab some exciting rewards and what’s more important is you are the one who need to experience their products and services and it should worth your money. Right!

Rewards for you in the Tell Popeyes Survey

Every brand of food or anything else, as a matter of fact, needs to know what their customers think of their service. It is important for them to make any changes if what they preach as a brand isn’t happening rightfully. The Tell Popeyes survey here is designed to accomplish exactly the same and is filled with amazing rewards for you as well. 

There is a lot in the survey for the survey takers especially. It gives endless rewards like Popeyes coupons for discounts on further purchases, free chicken which is extremely popular at their outlets. The coupons could differ in what you might receive as a reward, but that is extremely random. You could end up with a free meal even.

The kind of reward you receive through the Tell Popeyes survey really depends on how quickly you finish it from the day you receive your survey code. If you do it within only two days, then free drinks will also be added to your order when you visit next. Participate today because exciting prizes and coupons are really waiting for you.

Entry methodsOnline
RewardsFree chicken, gift card
ValidityCurrent purchase receipts from Popeyes
Required Age16
Website https://www.tellpopeyes.com/
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish 

Questions that will be asked in the Popeyes Customer Survey

The questionnaire that will be put forward in the Popeyes survey will have the prime motive of getting feedback on various aspects of dining at any of their outlets. It will start with your personal experience and then move onto the food quality etc. 

  • The questionnaire will start after you have filled in basic information about the survey code etc. First thing would be how your personal experience has been at any of the outlets and whether you like the ambience or not. 
  • Then the questions will move onto the quality of food; whether there has been a decline in quality or you would want certain things to be better.
  • The third part of the survey would focus on the customer service aspect. You will be asked about whether you received the right order or has there been any miss- behaviour on the part of employees. 
  • You will also be asked to give an overall rating and a general rating to all things about Popeyes at the end of the survey.
  • The survey will come to an end when you see the finish button on your screen. 

If you wish to further give your feedback in detail about anything at all, you are welcome to choose the feedback option after you have taken the survey. This section will allow you to share any experience you might have had, in detail. 

Ways for participation in the Tellpopeyes Survey

The only way to take part in the survey is the online method. The task of being able to be a part of the survey is pretty simple. You don’t really need to do much if you are a regular customer. All that is needed from you are your latest Popeyes receipts and it will have the survey code needed for logging in. Once you have the receipt with you, go to the official website of the survey, called TellPopeyes.com. This is where you can log in as a survey taker and also where your answers will be collected. Use any of your latest receipts from Popeyes for the same as it will have the Popeyes survey code needed for logging in. 

Things you need before giving your Popeyes Feedback

Taking the survey from Popeyes is quite easy and isn’t much of a time taking task. If you have already recently visited any of the Popeyes outlets within a week then it’s even easier for you. If you haven’t, then go and enjoy a meal today to come back and give your feedback. Do keep a few things ready before you take the survey.

  • Having a purchase receipt is very important for the questionnaire part of the survey. Feedbacks can be given without it, but a valid purchase receipt will also get you rewards. There is no bar set for a minimum order amount. Any receipt with Popeyes survey codes from the previous week will work fine.
  • The survey can be taken through the website that has been allotted for the survey specifically, so a device which is connected to the internet is a must. It can be your phone or laptop, whichever you find comfortable. 
  • You must know either English or Spanish to be a part of the survey because it can only be taken in either of those two languages. 

Who can all be a part of the Tell Popeyes? – Eligibility

Any customer of Popeyes is eligible to be a part of the feedback survey organised to get your opinion on the food and service. You only have to ensure that all the following conditions are fulfilled before you start filling in the Popeyes guest survey questions. The website will only take entries that qualify the following eligibility criteria. 

  • The minimum age of the candidate participating in the survey should be 16 years. Anyone below that age can’t be a part of the feedback session or the survey questionnaire. 
  • Being a citizen of the United States of America is a must, and the survey is only available in various states around the USA only. The brand is trying to reach as many people as possible and as soon as possible. 
  • Employees of Popeyes are not allowed to take the survey, and neither are their family members. Anyone except that can take the survey whenever they wish to along with the feedback session. 

As long as the above eligibility criteria is catered to, anyone who has visited Popeyes outlets around the United States of America can take the survey and give their feedback through the website. You would just need to abide by some rules and regulations put forward by the brand. 

www tellpopeyes com Rules and Regulations: Go through these first

If you are eligible for taking the Popeyes feedback survey, it is best that you go through all the rules that are attached to the survey. These have to be looked after before you start filling the survey to ensure there is nothing that goes wrong while you are doing it.

  • You would need a receipt from any of the Popeyes outlets that you might have visited, and it has to be the latest receipt. None of the old receipts would be considered valid for the survey. Only the latest ones would have the Tellpopeyes validation code on them. 
  • For the feedback part of the survey, which is free for anyone to take, it is important that you give your genuine opinion here. Popeyes will try to get back to you as soon as possible, but it is important that you should have at least visited the outlet.
  • To redeem the rewards that come after taking on the survey, there will be a code which will be generated and sent to your email id. Keep this code with you for your next visit to any Popeyes outlet because it is the coupon code which will be needed for redemption. Rewards won’t be disbursed in any other way.
  • Any customer can only take the survey once a month and not more than that. Also, one receipt will only be useful once for taking the survey. For feedback, you don’t need the receipt. 

Follow these steps to participate in Popeyes Guest Survey

The steps that you need to follow to take the feedback survey brought forward by Popeyes, are very simple. The whole survey filling process isn’t also very time consuming. It is your chance to be a part of something that could bring a change in the service or menu so, follow these steps.

Step 1: Use any device of yours, which can access the internet and open the website www.tellpopeyes.com or simply go to https://mypopeyesfeedback.com/. This is where you will be able to take the survey. 

Step 2: You will see a tab with ‘Take survey’ written on it. Click on it to proceed with the feedback survey questionnaire. 

Step 3: A new webpage will load on the website, and it will ask you about your visit to the Popeyes outlet recently. You will have to add time, date and place of your visit. 

Step 4: Once that is done, you will be asked to fill in the order amount of your purchase. The survey has nothing to do with the amount of your order, so anyone with even the smallest order can participate. The brand values your feedback.

Step 5: When all this information is filled in, click on the start button present on the screen. This will start the actual survey for you.

Step 6: The first section of the survey will start with the quality of food and your views on it. The type of order will also be asked for here. 

Step 7: Next, the survey will move to ask about the customer service in the outlet you visited. 

Step 8: Finally, you will have to rate the various services and food quality of Popeyes, which is where the survey will end. 

Step 9: At the end of the survey, details about the rewards and Tell Popeyes validation code will be sent to the email that you gave in the start. 

Insights into the Popeyes & its Menu

Popeyes is known to be the best fast food restaurant for chicken and any of its related food items. People in the USA are either KFC fans or Popeyes; there is no other. The incline towards Popeyes has definitely increased because of the new food items that keep on coming on the menu. You will always find new offers attached to them too. 

The menu at all Popeyes outlets are anything but basic; even the basic ones are to die for. Nothing can beat the basic fried chicken that Popeyes serves. Recently, a new chicken burger was launched, which broke sales records nationwide. It came to the point where it was always out of stock because of excessive demand. 

If you are ready to try different types of chicken whenever possible, giving Popeyes, a visit is a must for you. you can earn rewards out of your visit by filling out the new survey when you come back. Loads of items will be added in the future as well, which everyone would be excited to try for sure. 

Get in touch with Popeyes Customer Support

There are various ways in which you can contact the Popeyes team and give any feedback or reach forward about any complaint about anything at all. The contact numbers and address are there for you to reach out to them for any issues and share your experiences as well. 

Toll-free number: 1-800-682-0219

Headquarters Address: Miami, Florida, United States

If you don’t wish to take the survey, this helpline number is one of the best ways to reach out and give your feedback. The official website that is www.popeyes.com also has a section for feedback where you can connect to the team. 

Popeyes Near Me: Look for the nearest

It can be hard sometimes to look for a Popeyes outlet, but that has been made easy for you now. The best way to find the nearest outlet to your location is to go on the official website and click on the locator tab. This is where you will find all the information about any branch and outlet that Popeyes might have in the entire world. 

All you have to do to look for one nearest to you is let the website track your location, and it will instantly show the closest one from there along with the distance. Further, you can follow maps and navigate easily.

If for any reason, you don’t wish to share your location then put in the location yourself in the search tab, and it will show all Popeyes near that particular location. So, you can choose which one you would want to go to. 


Why don’t I get the Tell Popeyes validation code?

The validation code after the survey is sent to the email you started with. It doesn’t show on the website.

Why was I not eligible for Popeyes free chicken after survey?

Popeyes ensures everyone gets rewards, and you will receive rewards if the survey has bee filled with proper information following the rules and eligibility.

How many numbers are there in Popeyes feedback code?

The feedback code is made up of 26 numbers, and if you don’t have that you can fill in the details of your visit. 

What do you get for Popeyes survey?

The rewards of the survey include a free entry to Popeyes Sweepstakes from which one can get a chance to win free chicken or gift cards.

Why am I not eligible to complete Popeyes survey with receipt?

The only reason could be that your receipt is older than a week. Else, you might be below 16 years or employee of Popeyes or might be a non-citizen of the USA.

How long is Popeyes survey coupon number good for?

The coupon code has to be used within a week; otherwise, it will expire. 

How to leave a good feedback at Popeyes?

You can go to their website and do so in the contact us page, or you can use the feedback part of the survey.


Whether your intention is to get rewards or help the Popeyes to improve their products and service, give the feedback genuinely with the help of above guide. Instead of getting the code, opening the survey site and getting disappointed for not being eligible, better check the rules, regulation, eligibility and steps here prior participating.