Adobe wants to acquire mobile photo editing with its free AI-powered Photoshop Camera app

Adobe has been a well-celebrated Photoshop platform in the world of desktop photo editing. And to put its feet firmly in the field of mobile photo editing, Adobe is launching a free AI-powered Photoshop app for all the mobile users in early 2020.

So, how does this AI-powered photo editing app works?
Adobe AI-powered app works on ‘Sensei’, that is the name of Adobe’s artificial intelligence platform. The app doesn’t allow manual picture adjustment. Yup, you read it right! And that’s the whole story or more like the principle upon which the app working is based.

The app artificial intelligence will automatically identify the picture subject that is whether it is landscape or portrait, whether its scenery or selfie, and will automatically apply the appropriate filter for the image. Although users can set or adjust other features such as the level of a scene type, darkness, and light, etc. The filter can be used when one is capturing the image or after the image has been captured and needs some editing.

According to Abhay Parasnis, Executive Vice President and Chief Technological Officer of Adobe, “We built Photoshop Camera as a Sensei-first app on our journey to expand our focus to deliver creative tools for everyone.”

Today, there are a load of face filters available on Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, and their craze among the users is humongous. And the AI-powered app of Adobe will be featuring a selected range of filters and lenses created by artists and professionals and will be taking sign-ups from the artists for the same. It allows users to create their own “lenses” for camera app.

At present, it is working with Billie Eilish to provide some limited-edition lenses at the time of launch. Through the sign up the users would be able to create face filters similar to that of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat and the process would be much easier and can adjust directly in the app.

With the advancement in the hardware section for smartphones indicating towards the camera improvement like that in iPhone 11 pro and not in the software aspect of the little gadget,

Abhay Parasnis said, “I would say the biggest platform companies have done a great job in pushing the limits on hardware. But we think we can do way better on software.” Abhay also added, “We’re not trying to push people away from their default camera, this is for people who want an additional level of creativity.”

Users who want to try this new AI-powered Photoshop app by Adobe can try to sign up for the limited preview as it is currently available in limited release only for Monday. The company will be launching it publicly for all the users, including iOS and Android, in early 2020. The company has also partnered with numerous professional artists and musicians to create custom lenses for the users.

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