Apple yet again faces outages ruining users’ experience

Is your Apple Music currently refusing to play any music or any other Apple apps are refusing to update? Don’t worry because it’s neither the start of an end of the world nor an alien invasion, and you’re certainly not alone in the whole ordeal.

A variety of Apple services are facing issues. Even Apple’s developer portal couldn’t escape it. The issues reported by multiple users from multiple countries include downtime or slow performance, music refusing to play, Apps not able to update, and so on.

Although Apple’s status page has given the green light, people are still reporting the issues. The users have noticed that switching from Wifi to 4G may solve the issue for a short time, but one can do nothing but wait for a long term solution.

Even though the Apple status page is not reflecting any issues, problems are being reported from all around. If you are one of the people experiencing these issues and want to stay updated on what is happening, then you should visit their website. It will tell you whether the problem is on Apple’s end, and if it is, then you cannot do anything but wait. Their web site will tell you if there are any problems on their end. Also, they will update you on the problems faced in the past.

Apple is prone to these kinds of issues from time to time, and it’s a shame that they are becoming more and more frequent. Recently, Apple discontinued iTunes only to replace it with three different apps: Apple Music, Apple podcast, and Apple TV.

During the launch of iTunes in 2001, the former Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs announced that it was the world’s best and easiest to use jukebox software, but multiple updates over the years turned the music streaming app to a multimedia platform. Over time, the app became too confusing and disorganized, and the user became too frustrated to use the app anymore. Apple blogger Marco Arment even dubbed iTunes as a bloated buggy nightmare. The departure of iTunes departed all the issues linked with it, but it was not long before Apple had another issue on their hands.

Apple unveiled macOS Catalina during WWDC 2019 with the announcement that all apps distributed outside of the App Store must be notarized through Apple’s new developer tool, but what Apple did not expect was the array of problems that came along the release.

While notarizing the apps, the server failed to keep up with all the files and was way too slow for the developers to use. Developers expressed their dismay through Twitter. Although Apple acknowledged the issue on their System Check Page, they failed to resolve the issues in time the users approved of.

Sadly for Apple, these were not the only problems they faced this year. The IOS 13 launch was riddled with security issues, and the 2020 iPhone redesign was leaked just as they were tempting the Apple fanatics.
Apple is currently trying to resolve the issues, and for the users, the wait is all they can do for the next update.

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