Fortnite’s Chapter 2 leak reveals a new map, lighthouse and more

Millions of fans of the popular online game Fortnite were left highly disappointed on Sunday as the season 10 finale of the game ended. The full setup of the game got destroyed as it got blown up by an asteroid. The game, which requires many players, was left with nothing but a black hole. This left many players wondering if they would ever be able to play again.

Fortnite is an online game that involves shooting. In this game, about 100 players are involved who are required to fight with each other. At the end of it, the person who defeats the rest of the players stays and eventually wins the game. People put in a lot of time for this game. Some people even shell out huge sums of money. This game is quite popular among teenagers. However, with the entire setup of the game been destroyed completely, people were left wondering if they could ever play this game again.

Reactions started pouring in from many fans all over the world. People blamed Elon Musk owing to his statement around a year ago saying that he had purchased Fortnite only to delete it as kids were getting addicted to the same. However, this disappointment could be short-lived. If sources are to be believed, a leaked trailer on YouTube featuring the new add-ons of Chapter 2 of the game is making rounds on the Internet. So people who believed that they could no longer enjoy this game, hang on. The recently leaked trailer depicts a completely new map for Fortnite.

What are the latest additions in Fortnite?
By looking at the trailer, one can say that the landscape of the game has changed a lot with many new features. The map of the game has undergone a complete makeover. It includes a swimming pool, a power plant, a beach, a river, and even a fishing pond. The player playing the game would be able to hunt for fish in the pond, and he can even do boating in the river. Needless to say, he can even swim in the pool. The new chapter contains a pogo stick as well, with which players can enjoy jumping and hopping around it.

By looking at the trailer, one can make out that there are new ways to reach higher levels in the game. A player gets a medal if he gets a headshot or opens a treasure box successfully. Even simple activities like cutting down a tree can also reward him.

Some new characters are also introduced in the latest chapter. A creature made up of a slimy material is seen in the trailer. The role of this creature is yet to be known. Overall the entire look of the game is given finishing touches such that it resembles more like a cartoon.

When would these new features be launched?
Epic Games, the company which launched Fortnite in 2017, has not yet stated anything regarding the release dates of its latest version. Looking at the newly leaked trailer, people wondered if the blackout of the previous season was all a hype. However, it seems like the wait won’t be too long. Fans can hope that very soon, they would get to play chapter 2 of Fortnite!!!

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