Google Go finally introducing its own Incognito Mode

Google Go introduced its own incognito mode in a bid to boost privacy. For Google Go users it would certainly be a huge breath of relief. Now users can happily access any website and surf the web without any worries about their browsing history getting saved.

Google Go launched this feature aiming the users who use collectively a single device with others. It is a very desirable step to ensure privacy for their search queries. So, this incognito mode came into light and would be definitely loved by all the users.

From all quarters of users, Google Go is already a loved app and is popular as a very efficient application. Google Go is fast compared to the other search engines, as it is a lightweight application. Users experienced a complete engaging style of browsing when it started to offer interesting features.

Its weight is just about 7 MB and it is operated on less memory or storage. It not only took the less space but also offered web versions of all prominent application to its users and this helped them to not download many of them at all.

This application was first launched in the year 2017 and in August 2019 this was available on Google Play Store for Android users who are using the Lollilop or later.

Not only that, this lightweight app also came power-packed with excellent features. One such is AI-powered read out loud feature which allows you to tune into any web page since you might hate reading the lengthy pages always. Google Go even highlights the words as they are being read up and so you can easily catch up with its pace.

Google lens is the equally talked about feature in it. This features was introduced to make it easy for users to read and search for unknown words and also to translate the words in their preferred language. This lens feature is a tool worth applause, because it is simple to access by just using the camera of a phone.

Now as an frosting on the cake, Google Go announced this incognito mode browsing feature. This would be made available in many languages in India like Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Urdu, English, Assamese, Gujarati, Malayalam, Nepali, Punjabi, and Telugu.

To use this feature, all you need to do is, tap on the incognito mode icon that is displayed on the right-hand side of the search bar in the app. As the incognito mode is enabled, you can now search queries and they won’t be saved in the search history.

Mr. Radha Narayan, the Product Manager for Google Go said that “Whether you’re researching a gift or want to browse the web for personal topics like health and finance, we want you to be able to access the web more privately. We’re continuously adding new features to Google Go, and hope that this new mode will help people control their privacy more easily.”

Though browsing is not saved in the search history, it should be noted that the browsing based recommendations only will not appear. However, the regular recommendations that takes the user’s location into account will still be appeared at the web pages the users visit. Bookmarks are also not available, but the downloads that made in incognito mode will be stored in the phone.

Finally for you info, just like how the Google Chrome shows the warning messages, Google Go also displays the same. That is, you browsing will not be hidden from the websites you visit, your employer and your internet service provider.

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