Honor 9X is surprisingly coming with Android 9; It might be the last one with Google Services

Huawei, the Chinese mobile company was affected by the political riot between the United States and China regarding the present trade disputes. Huawei and its sub-brand Honor were banned from using the Google services. This decision is not expected to be taken back until both the countries United States and China resolve their trade disputes.

After this issue, Huawei’s future as a Chinese company in the US has became very uncertain. Not only Huawei, even its sub-brand Honor is facing the ban issues. Yet, Honor is in plan to launch Honor 9X and surprisingly it is coming with Android 9. Means, we can say that it escaped the consequences of current riot between China and the US.

There is no loop-hole in this and the phone 9X was under development during the riot and just slipped the ban. Thus, it helped the phone to arrive Europe. Nevertheless, it is believed strongly that this Honor 9X is the last phone of the company that is going to have Google services. Besides, any other mobile or applications of this Honor company or Huawei will not be launched with Google services.

As of now, Honor 9X is said to be lucky piece to slip the ban and get into the shelf. Though it is said to be on sale in Europe shortly, the launch date was not yet revealed. Previous model Honor 8X is being sold at 200 Euros currently in the Europe which is nearly $260 approx. So, we assume that Honor 9X will be less or more around that range.

The phone is very attractive as it is coming with a glamorous blue color. According to many sources, this phone might come in affordable price range and also with many attractive features that people are waiting for. Other than the color and external style, the more about this phone is, it comes with 6.59″ liquified crystal display which will be the biggest one offered at an affordable price.

Apart from that, it is attached with an amazing snapper which is dual rear camera along with 48MP normal lens and deep sensor to get excellent portrait images. This camera is aided with an 8MP wide lens to enhance the whole image capturing the experience with the mobile.

This phone also comes with a 4000 mAh battery, a pop-up front camera which was inspired from the Oneplus. Also, it has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and 6 GB RAM. Honor 9X is very impressive with its rear fingerprint scanner and even supports USB-C charging. The rear end has the unique pattern; means, when the light is incident, it shines brightly.

It 4000mAh battery is powered with Kirin that has a 710F chipset and it provides excellent power pack to the device. It even keeps the phone up for more than one day. This last release of Honor mobile with services in Europe in something that everyone is waiting eagerly for. People are still waiting to see the exact launch date. As of now, users are getting attracted to these features and waiting for the launch of new Honor 9X.

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