Lexus reveals new electric car design concept; It is coming with a drone!

Lexus is planning to display its new electric car in the coming month. As a trailer, the company has showcased the concept of its new electric car model, LF-30 this week at the 2019 Tokyo Motor show. It revealed features like gesture control methods, automated driving techniques, motors in all the wheels, and a unique external design. Another interesting thing is, it also comes with a drone.

With crystal-shaped angles around the body, the LF-30 is coming with a lovely exterior design. It is a four-seater car with a signature spindle grille. Both the passenger and driver in the front seat have their cockpits developed in a luxurious way. Coming to rear passengers, they are housed in the unique bucket seats which was designed with “artificial muscle technology”. Those seats are made in such a manner that people can adjust to their size.

There is a windshield to car windows which extends from front of the car to rear side. As per the passenger requirements, the windshield opacity can be adjusted. The design of the steering wheel makes it easy for the drivers to steer.

This LF-30 comes with unique glass-roof with gesture-controlled display window and voice-control characteristics. This is known as SkyGate which can be used to pass the information to the passengers in rear seat like a realistic star-filled sky. Passengers can also watch videos as per their interest and navigation information.

With the help of AI techniques, SkyGate can even recognize the car occupants voice. With this feature you can play audio clips, adjust the temperature in the vehicle, and as per passenger preference it also allows to adjust driving settings. For passengers, it also provides options for activities post-arrival at their destination.

Coming to battery specifications, LF-30 comes with 110kWh battery pack. This lets the car run about 300 miles (500 km) roughly according to Europe’s WLTP cycle. In just 3.8 sec, it can speed up to 0 to 100 km/hr, provided the car receives 400kw (536 horsepower) power output.

“Lexus Airporter” is one of its best feature which you need to know about. If you wonder what it is, it is nothing but a drone-technology supported vehicle. It can do the things like transporting the luggage of owner from his doorstep to the car.

While driving LF-30, if the driver tires himself out, then there are a lot of additional features promised by Lexus like automated driving techniques which also includes a front-door pickup and self-parking functionality. However, in a few cases, due to landscapes, this could be limited.

Regarding the launch date, there is not yet any information like when LF-30 will be on roads. Toyota, its parent company is planning to manufacture all-electric vehicles and so Lexus don’t want to be left behind in this race. Though this LF-30 may not launch soon, its design concept would be portrayed in all the coming Lexus vehicles.

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