Mazda’s first new electric car MX-30 is coming with freestyle doors just like RX 8

Mazda revealed its first electric car called MX 30 in the Tokyo Motor show. Just like their own RX 8, this first Mazda electric car is also going to come with freestyle doors. Finally, this Japan-based automaker company, Mazda joined the electric cars club with MX 30.

On both sides, this MX 30 has the rear-hinged doors without the center pillar which when both the doors are opened, provides a large space. The doors are smaller reminding the RX 8 doors. The rear door opens for about 80 degrees and front door for 82 degrees.

According to Mazda, in MX 30, the front door is opened first, followed by the rear door, and both can be opened without changing position.

MX-30 program manager, Tomoko Takeuchi mentioned that to offer an inspiring space they designed freestyle doors which customers can enjoy in different creative ways.

These electric vehicles have electric motors and batteries instead of engines and fuel tanks; they are entirely powered by electricity. Thus the company is promoting them as environment-friendly cars.

From long time ago, Mazda is producing cars. They produce several sports cars along with other vehicles. Mazda is well know for its pistol engine cars and signature Wankel engine sports cars. They are all set enter into the electric car market with the launch on MX-30 in Tokyo Motor Show.

According to AutoCar, the MX-30 drivetrain will transmit 141 bhp and 195 lb-ft with 35.5-kWh lithium-ion battery packed electric motor. Compared to other batteries, these lithium-ion batteries are smaller. Mazda replied to AutoCar saying that smaller batteries were chosen to reduce the emission over the complete life cycle of the car.

With the given facts, it is expected that MX-30 will provide a range of 130 miles minimum to 200 miles maximum. When compared to other electric cars in the market, this range might be low but according to company they designed this MX-30 for everyday purposes.

Also Mazda mentioned that, they added a gasoline fed engine for long drivers to save the driver’s touch. To provide the huge cabin space, they even added a rotatory engine to MX-30 that is similar to the RX 8.

The MX 30’s inner cabin has a touch screen that is about 7 inches. This touch screen is above the gear controller and helps controlling the air conditioning of the car.

Also, there is central console in MX 30 which is made up of cork. During the launch, Mazda mentioned that they designed the cork to provide a nature-oriented product that creates less impact on the environment.

From next summer, Mazda opens MX-30 pre-order. In Japan the electric cars will be delivered in the second half of 2020. And MX-30 is expected to hit the European markets in the year 2021. According to CNET, it also has plans to hit the US.

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