Microsoft rolls out content filters for Xbox to stop toxic messages

“A foul tongue reveals more about you than the one you are using against it.”
It’s said that a knife may not pierce a human heart the way bitter words can! The use of abusive and toxic language has become way more prevalent in today’s generation than ever.

We hear it in movies, we hear it in our surroundings, from people around and even online. So, to fight against such toxic languages, Microsoft has announced its new text filtering features for Xbox live messages.

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Bullying, the use of abusive and toxic language has always been a problem of the Microsoft Xbox live messaging system, ever since its service existed. But that comes to an end today with the introduction of these new features. We may not be able to decide on this aspect, but Microsoft sure has clarified its intention through this feature and its expectation as well from the community that it ultimately controls.

Initially, there will be four new levels of text-based filtration available to the Xbox live users, which are Friendly, Medium, Mature, and Unfiltered. Based on one’s tolerance level, the users can set the filters accordingly.

‘Friendly’ is the most child-friendly and heavy filter at the same time! This option will completely filter out all the potentially harmful and offensive languages. It’s also the default filter of all the child accounts in the system, even though the parents can set any suitable filter from the available options.

While on the other hand, ‘Unfiltered’ will work just as how the Xbox live messaging system been working to date. The filtered messages that contain harmful language will be blocked and appear with, “Potentially offensive hidden message” warning on them.

If you are an adult Xbox user, you can view those messages by clicking onto them. But the same cannot be viewed by the child users as such messages will be automatically blocked by default to stop them from seeing such messages. However, their parents will be able to see through the family setting option.

While ‘Medium’ and ‘Mature’ enables the users to decide how much filtering they want on the text message, image, videos, animated content in the message requests from the people not on your friends’ list. And the messages that will be more offensive than the selected level will be automatically hidden from the users.

In an attempt to thwart the toxicity of abusive and inappropriate language on its platform, the company is rolling out text-based filters for messages on Xbox live. But it will be introducing live audio filtering in the future, enabling live audio call filtration with real-time beeps similar to that of broadcast TV. But Microsoft for sure is being way serious and honest about its new features.

“Xbox Live is not a free speech platform. It is a curated community where we want you to have some degree of personal freedom in that, which is why we are doing four different settings here,” says McCarthy in an interview. “But we don’t want to be ambiguous about what we stand for. This has to be a place where everyone has fun, and everything we do feature-wise is going to vector across the set of values.”

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