Microsoft’s new direction towards user-repairable tablets: Surface Pro X happens to be very modular and revolutionizing

The new Microsoft’s modular tablet has surfaced the market, and as per the reports published in a teardown, this new entrant is bringing in the era of repairable tablets. The New Surface Pro X has surfaced the market and is user-replaceable. This model, which was announced in October started with a price of $999 and comes with an impressive processor version, which is the Qualcomm Snapdragon with SQ1 ARM chip.

The tablet specifies to have a 13-inch size with a 2880*1920-pixel resolution. All these specifications have been aided by a slim Surface pen and LPDDR4x RAM of 8GB or 16 GB. This owns two USB-C type connections and a removable 128GB, 256GNB or 512 GB SSD.

This device supports Wi-Fi-5 and LTE with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. Tablets are a device of convenience and require a huge battery life. The Surface X pro has been the one that has up to 13 hours of battery life and a 10-megapixel rear camera with 4K video. They had a bet to move away from intel’s dominating processors which have not panned out successfully. The company’s major decision in the company’s new release was to move away from Intel and highlight the new co-engineered Ryzen Surface edition processor for the laptop.

The new chip from AMD was promised to offer a faster experience of speed and also provide with improved graphics in particular but it was found that the chipset struggled with most games and also the basic 4K video playback. Also, when competing with the Laptop 3 head-to-head AMD chip crushed while exporting a video. However, the device offers a thinner and lighter experience as compared to the Pro 7. Application performance is still questionable and in the matter of fact raises issues as far as the Application compatibility is concerned.

Hence, the one big revolution which has been introduced is the introduction of a new direction to the existing trends. This introduction is about the bringing of most repairable parts together to constitute a very modular device. This includes an easily separating display, most components being modular including the two USB-C ports and also need of a Torx screwdriver to remove screws.

The teardown which was published by iFixit said, “It would seem that Microsoft has placed at least one foot on the repairability train—between this Pro X and the Laptop 3, we can hardly believe all the repair-focused changes they’ve made!”. It was the dream of ARM-based windows to prove against Intel in its performance and this whole matter has only been a matter of half-baked idea. However, the ARM developers have geared themselves up to resolve the battery and performance issues and this is not at all the end of the fight.

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